Sunday 25 March 2018

County Council spending €20,000 on foreign travel over the coming weeks

€20,000 is being spent sending Wexford county councillors and council officials to cities twinned with Wexford in America and Europe over the coming weeks.

Council Secretary Pat Collins told councillors at Monday's meeting of Wexford County Council that €8,120 is being spent on foreign travel for officials to attend the New York St Patrick's Day Parade. €1,600 is being spent on a trip to Coueron in France.

Around €2,000 is being spent on a council trip to Fleures in Belgium and €7,328 is planned to be spent on a council visit to Savannah, Georgia, in April.

Chairman Paddy Kavanagh said the council was invited to attend.

'We don't go where we are not wanted,' Cllr Kavanagh said.

Cllr Robbie Ireton asked why no councillors will be attending the London St Patrick's Day Parade, saying he is paying for the cost of his own trip.

'I won't be claiming any expenses from the council. Is no one going because it is so close to this island?' he said.

Gorey Guardian