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Connery's Wexford roots are revealed

The famous actor and Scotsman, Sir Sean Connery is in fact Irish, according to new research which shows that his great grandfather was a Traveller from Wexford.

Connery's love for the Highlands and all things Scottish is personified by a tatoo on his arm which reads 'Scotland Forever'. However, information uncovered by U.K. family history website, Ancestry.co.uk reveals that his great grandfather on his father's side emigrated from Ireland to Scotland.

His great grandfather, James Connery died of bronchitis in Glasgow on July 16, 1914. He was an impoverished Irish Catholic Traveller from Wexford who went to Scotland to find a better life. His death certificate showed that he worked in Scotland as a labourer.

Sir Sean, who rose to fame as the suave and sophisticated James Bond, has never hidden his humble background. Like his ancestors, he had little education, leaving school at 13 and working in menial and low-paid jobs before finding fame and fortune.

In 1962, he rocketed to superstardom in the film 'Doctor No' after the world heard him utter the unforgettable words ,'My name is Bond, James Bond' in a soft Scottish accent.

Ironically, the Irish accent he used in the 1987 film 'The Untouchables' playing Chicago cop, Jim Malone was voted the 'worst accent of all time' in a poll.

Connery's Scottish blood runs true on his mother's side. The earliest record uncovered shows that his maternal great, great, great grandparents, Thomas Gorlay and Jean Red married in the parish of Ceres in Fife on September 14, 1791.