Thursday 23 May 2019

Claire and Conor's wedding flash mob serenade goes viral

THE wedding celebrations of Claire Dunne from Oulart and Conor Flynn from Enniscorthy have become an internet sensation, seen by thousands.

The couple had just sat down at their reception in the Ferrycarrig Hotel when they were 'flash mobbed' in song by 18 of the guests.

The version of 'Seasons of Love' performed by a section of the attendance was so good that it has become a hit on YouTube and other sites.

Aside from the harmonies, the audience on the web also enjoy the look of utter surprise and wonderment on the faces of the bride and groom.

The idea ambushing the pair was dreamed up by Conor's twin brother Michael, best man on the day, who is a big fan of musical theatre.

He primed selected guests to learn the words of the song from the show 'Rent' and they duly had the lyrics off pat, ready to hop up when given their cue.

The only problem was that, as they were coming from all quarters to the Ferrycarrig – including Enniscorthy, Dublin, Wicklow and Wales - there was no chance for group rehearsals in advance.

The lack of practice did not show, with soloists Jane Kent from New Ross, and the twins' older brother Dave delivering particularly memorable performances.

'No one else at the wedding knew that it was happening,' laughed the best man cum musical director. 'Claire and Conor certainly did not have a clue.'

The newly weds, who tied the knot earlier during a humanist ceremony at the Ferrycarrig, are now on honeymoon in Asia on their way to spend the first year of their married life together in New Zealand.

Primary teacher Claire is daughter of Frank and Mary Dunne, while copy writer Conor is son of Gerry and Rosie Flynn.

Gorey Guardian