Saturday 21 September 2019

Canvasser left me ‘shaking with anger’

But Save the 8th campaign rejects Gorey woman's allegations

Sara Gahan

The communications manager for the Save the 8th campaign has defended the actions of a canvasser in Gorey who was the subject of criticism on social media last week.

John McGuirk’s defence of the Pro Life canvasser comes after a Gorey woman was allegedly left ‘shaking with anger’ following an incident at her home.

John McGuirk, communications manager with the Save the 8th campaign, told the Gorey Guardian that he was satisfied the canvasser acted appropriately.

It follows a post of social media attracted much attention last week where a Gorey woman outlined her grievances with the canvasser.

The woman, who does not want to be named, alleges the canvasser put her foot in the door and held it open, and had to be physically removed.

Her post read: ‘I was polite and explained that I’m pro-choice. The woman then proceeded to tell me that Irish women will be having abortions for no reason.

‘I asked her if she was seriously trying to tell me that all Irish women were going to turn into murderers, and did she not trust women.

‘She said that no, she didn’t trust women at all. So I told her we had nothing more to discuss, at which point she put her foot in the door and held it open with her hand so I couldn’t close it.

‘I had to physically remove her.’

Mr McGuirk said he spoke to the canvasser concerned and is satisfied that she did not behave in the manner portrayed in the post.

The post has since been removed from the Gorey woman’s social media account.

Gorey Guardian