Monday 20 May 2019

Bringing it all back home

Garrett Lombard returns to Gorey with Druid Theatre Company

Garrett as Michael in Furniture alongside Niall Buggy, who plays uncle George
Garrett as Michael in Furniture alongside Niall Buggy, who plays uncle George
Garrett Lombard

Cathy Lee

Hugely accomplished Gorey actor Garrett Lombard, is set to return to this home stage in the upcoming play, 'Furniture', which is written by former comedian, Sonya Kelly part of the Druid theatre company. The show will run in the Gorey Little Theatre from April 30 to May 1, and it is divided into three parts, each played by a different pairing of actors. Directed by Cathal Cleary, it has already picked up rave reviews from audiences and critics alike during its national tour which began in March.

Garrett's acting career began with Gorey Little Theatre when he was seven years of age, starring in the play 'Cinderella'. From there he went on to play an award winning lead role in Brian Friel's Philadelphia, Here I come.

A former CBS primary school student, Garrett studied acting at the Samuel Beckett Centre in Trinity College Dublin, and from there he made numerous appearances in television programmes such as Quirk, with Gabriel Byrne, and RTÉ's production of Pure Mule. Garrett has held leading roles in all of Ireland's major theatres and has gone on tour internationally as well as playing leading.

His father, Garry Lombard, is no stranger to the stage, and has been involved in over 100 productions with Gorey Little Theatre, winning All-Ireland awards for plays such as The Browning Version, A Time of Wolves and Tigers and Goodbye Daddy.

A spokesperson for Gorey Little Theatre said that it was a 'huge honour to have Druid come alongside one of our own actors, we're extremely excited about it'. She went on to say that Garrett Lombard had never forgotten his roots in Gorey Little Theatre, and that he was very down to earth as he has always been very supportive, often coming back to see plays at the theatre and sitting in the audience.

About Garrett as an actor, the spokesperson added that 'since he was a very young child, his talent stood out in anything that he did and with both of his parents Veronica and Gary being super actors, he really seemed to get the best of both of them'.

Gorey Little Theatre have followed Garrett's career very closely and often organise bus trips to go see him act. Having him return to Gorey in this capacity, Gorey Little Theatre members described as 'fantastic'.

Garrett said that he is 'really looking forward to going back to Gorey' and his role this time is as Michael in 'Furniture'. He said that he loved being part of the community around Gorey Little Theatre when he was younger, as he 'loved the buzz of doing plays there'.

Although the furniture is central to every aspect of the plot, Garrett explained that his part revolves around the relationship between Michael and his uncle George, when Michael is tasked with getting George's will in order after diagnosis of a terminal illness. He described the piece as 'heart warming but still quite funny' and explained that George, played by Niall Buggy, and Michael have more of a father and son relationship, with solicitor Michael as the butt of some of old George's jokes. He said that working on this show has been a 'real pleasure' and he looks forward to the Gorey people coming out in their droves to see the show.

Garrett's sister Ríona is still involved with theatre in Gorey, and his parents he said 'met on the stage, and have been doing drama for 40-50 years'. Describing his family life in Gorey, he said that he and his siblings were always encouraged to get involved. He said that theatre has a great history in Gorey, and he described Gorey people as very 'theatre literate'.

Garrett explained that his family are still very involved with the South Leinster Drama Festival, and he is looking forward to staying around theatre in Ireland this summer. In 2018, Garrett had a busy year on tour in the USA, the Edinburgh festival as well as appearing often at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

Going forward in his career he said that he is heavily involved with Irish theatre on a grassroots level, so he gets to read for a lot of new plays and help bring them to life. In 'Furniture,' he said he is in a good place as through three different stories, contained in their own world, a lot of ground is covered. 'The writing is very good and the production standard is through the roof. It ticks all the boxes and the team have been joyous to work with'. Described as 'wickedly insightful' in The Irish Times, and 'whip smart' in The Irish Independent, this fresh comedy is a definite must see. Tickets for €25 can be purchased online through Gorey Little Theatre by visiting

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