Monday 19 November 2018

Body exhumed in Wales is missing Pauline Finlay

Sara Gahan

The family of Pauline Finlay (49), who went missing 24 years ago near Cahore, will finally lay her to rest as remains were found to be those belonging to her after an exhumation took place at a cemetery in Wales last week.

North West Wales senior coroner Dewi Pritchard-Jones said DNA confirmed the body was of Pauline Finlay of Gorey, county Wexford. Sadly her husband Joe will not see her being brought home to be buried as he passed away last August.

Mr Pritchard-Jones issued the exhumation earlier last month after waiting more than a year for The High Court in London to overturn the verdict of the original inquest into the unidentified body of a woman who washed up along the Welsh coastline on October 31, 1994. He said the remains were sent to Dublin last Monday and the tragedy was in the hands of Irish coroners.

Dublin natives Pauline and Joe had a mobile home at Old Bawn near Cahore and were very well-known in the locality. Pauline disappeared on March 25 in 1994 while walking her two dogs on Old Bawn beach.

Extensive searches were carried for days and weeks out on the water and along the coastline after she went missing but no trace was ever found.

However, it was believed that the unidentified remains of a woman who washed up on Cable Bay beach in Wales eight months later may have been those of Mrs Finlay.

Last year, police in north Wales launched a fresh effort to try and give names to 17 bodies that they have on their records and contacted the Garda Síochána for details on unsolved missing persons cases.

It emerged in the joint investigation that the Cable Bay remains were likely to be those of Mrs Finlay.

Mr Pritchard-Jones said his predecessor and police at the time failed to identify the remains and they were buried, being cared for by local people.

Meanwhile, a grave of an unnamed man lies in St Michael's Cemetery in Gorey after his body washed up on Courtown beach on October 23, 1999, and remains unidentified. The identity of the body of a woman who washed up at Ballinamona beach on December 12, 1995, is still unknown. Her remains lie in Crosstown Cemetery in Wexford.

Gorey Guardian