Wednesday 23 October 2019

Biodegradable straws are introduced by publican Joe Browne

Joe Browne of Browne’s Pub in Gorey
Joe Browne of Browne’s Pub in Gorey

A business in Gorey has phased out single-use plastic straws completely.

Joe Browne of Browne's Pub has introduced environmentally friendly biodegradable straws. Joe, who is also Chairman of Gorey town and district Vintners Federation of Ireland, said the straws are available in Cash & Carry for other businesses to follow his lead.

'It is about doing our bit for the environment, and helping out the sea-life,' said Joe.

Browne's Pub is one of the first businesses in Gorey to introduce the straws. He said the idea first started in Westport, county Mayo before moving to north Wexford.

'The price is not much different than plastic straws,' said Joe. It won't break the bank balance.'

Biodegradable straws are meant to be used once and thrown away. The difference between biodegradable and plastic is that instead of taking years to begin to break down, a biodegradable one can break down within 180 days.

Gorey Guardian