Saturday 25 January 2020

Bickering continues over giant hedgehog

The hedgehog sculpture on the Gorey bypass.
The hedgehog sculpture on the Gorey bypass.

THE HEDGEHOG on the Gorey Bypass still has its detractors.

It came up for discussion when Cllr. Lorcan Allen sought assurances at Gorey Town Council's monthly meeting last week that public works of art on roadsides around the county have public liability insurance.

He put a motion to the Council seeking an assurance that the works are insured, following recent robberies of art works around the country.

He told the meeting he voted against the Gorey hedgehog during the selection process, but wouldn't like to see it stolen. 'My preference was for an elk, but I was defeated,' he said.

' There's not the remotest possibility of anyone taking it and I can assure you of that,' said Cllr. Robert Ireton, who clearly hasn't yet warmed to the hedgehog.

Cllr. Allen said he's particularly fond of the silver tree outside Clonroche. 'It is very important we have public liability insurance on these pieces,' he said. 'I know Robbie has a great affinity for the hedgehog, and that's why I'm trying to protect it, to ensure it won't be stolen.'

'I'd nearly put money on it for someone to take it!' exclaimed Cllr. Ireton.

'My main reason for objecting to it is was because a hedgehog can't pass from one side of the bypass to the other,' said Cllr. Allen, wondering how many of the wildlife underpasses are open.

'I did oppose that continuous concrete wall in the middle of the bypass, with no holes in it for anything to get through if they can't leap over it,' he added.

'As one who voted for the hedgehog, I support the motion,' said Cllr. Colin Webb.

Cllr. Malcolm Byrne said he's also a fan of the hedgehog.

Director of Services Eddie Taaffe said that to the best of his knowledge, all public works of art are insured under the Council's public liability policy.

'Not even a lad on heroin would take it,' muttered Cllr. Ireton, as the meeting moved on.