Monday 20 November 2017

Baby Max born safely at the side of the N11

Heroic mum Jacinta Kennedy with her newly born son, Max. Picture: Ger Hore
Heroic mum Jacinta Kennedy with her newly born son, Max. Picture: Ger Hore

David Tucker

AN ENNISCORTHY mum delivered her new baby at the side of the N11 close to Oylegate after she was told she would have to wait for an ambulance to arrive from Gorey.

Jacinta Kennedy said she was travelling in her mother Francis's car to Wexford General Hospital last Tuesday when she realised she wasn't going to be able to hold on, shortly after they had to stop to get petrol.

'We were just outside Oylegate when my waters broke,' she said.

'We called the ambulance, but they said I would have to wait for the ambulance from Gorey,' said Jacinta.

She said she was so angry at the response that she shouted into the phone that she couldn't wait any longer and then threw the handset away in disgust.

'My mam said "don't push Jacinta,"' but I did, and then little Max came along. It was over in two minutes, it was very quick,' she said.

'My mam was fantastic. When Max came along she wrapped him up and put him on my chest. I wouldn't have done it without her.

'She then drove to the hospital, but we got stuck behind a couple of lorries which we blasted our horn at, but they wouldn't move over to let us past,' said Jacinta, who is from Shingan.

Max is Jacinta's third child, and a brother to her ten-year-old CJ and seven-year-old Adam.

Jacinta said she had started to go into labour at her own home, with her mam picking her up there.

Mother and child are now safely home at her mother's house in The Orchard.

She couldn't go back to her own house at Shingán because of a power cut caused by Wednesday's storm.

'Max is doing great. There's not a bother on him!' she said.

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