Sunday 24 March 2019

Average rent in Gorey is the highest in the county

Sara Gahan

The average rent across the Gorey district is the highest in the county, according to Padraig O'Gorman from Wexford County Council at last week's Gorey Municipal District meeting.

In the Gorey area landlords are charging an average €690.16 per month. The information was provided from data downloaded from the Housing Assistance Payment scheme on October 31.

Councillors expressed their disgust with the cost of rent in Gorey, stating the district is getting very close to Dublin's outrageous prices.

Mr O'Gorman broke it down into the number of bedrooms. The average one-bed is €490; two bed is €643; three bed is €750; four bed €811; a five bed €1,000.

'It's crazy to see landlords ripping people off when we are in a housing crisis,' said Cllr Robbie Ireton. 'I find it extraordinary that Gorey is the highest compared to the whole of Wexford.'

Cllr Joe Sullivan said the bands are not high enough for people on social welfare or on low incomes. 'We need an affordable housing scheme,' said Cllr Malcolm Byrne. 'You would easily get a mortgage for less than those prices.'

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