Sunday 18 March 2018

Weaving course in Boolavogue

The ancient art of weaving is being kept alive at the Boolavogue textile studio as a craft to be enjoyed by individual devotees. The studio has been in action since 1998 encouraging community tapestries and introducing schoolchildren to the joys of working with yarn.

Now Christine Foran is offering weaving lessons to adults at the studio in a series that will stretch over six weeks. So far, she has only three pupils signed up for the course, so there is room for a few more to enlist. Everyone who takes part will be supplied with looms and the other necessities.

'You will learn how to weave and you will have a lovely piece at the end of it,' is the tutor's promise. Details of the studio's activities are available at and Christine is contactable at (087)2136924.

Gorey Guardian