Friday 23 February 2018

Trespassing with socks on his hands

A PLEA of guilty to a charge of criminal damage was entered on behalf of Jonathan Cassin from 33 Rosemary Heights in Ferns, who was found trespassing in a local premises with socks on his hands.

However, when he appeared at the District Court, he was advised that the DPP was considering further charges arising out of his presence in Bolger's Grain at Milltown near Ferns on April 28 last.

Solicitor David Tarrant told Judge John Lindsay that the defendant had been in residential rehab. The court heard Superintendent Liam Carolan recall that Michael Dunne was called out after a security alarm went off at Bolger's, attending the scene with the key-holder.

They found a male on the premises, dressed in black with socks on his hands. It was stated that Cassin was the male and that he held a sharp blade, two feet in length. A black refuse bag containing €700 worth of property was recovered.

Mr. Tarrant suggested that the accused had found the blade on the premises and was attempting to open a door. The solicitor described the defendant as someone who had been a chronic heroin addict, spending 20 months in rehab.

The case was put back to December 4 to await directions from the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Gorey Guardian

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