Tuesday 16 October 2018

Steiner Kindergarten lights up the night

Lughan and Conan Gillick with Charlie Jones.
Lughan and Conan Gillick with Charlie Jones.
Charlie Jones, Patrick Collins and Sean Harrington.

Fintan Lambe

The Feast of St Martin was marked at the Steiner Kindergarten in Kiltennel with the annual lantern festival.

Children returned to the pre-school after dark, accompanied by their families and past pupils for the special celebration of bringing light into the darkness. They each made lanterns which were lit with candles, and then went for a walk through the fields to the nearby storyhouse at Camphill, Duffcarrig.

Teacher Sarah Murphy said that they then heard about how St Martin shared his cloak with a beggar by cutting it in two with his sword. The 50-strong group then returned to the kindergarten where they enjoyed refreshments which were brought by the parents.

It was a wet and blustery evening, 'It was still very well attended, which is an indication of how much the event means to people and how special it is,' said Sarah.

Sincere thanks went to all who helped make it such an enjoyable occasion.

Gorey Guardian