Sunday 17 December 2017

Riverchapel NS pupils scoot to school for a SOW Day

Bryoni Teddy, Grace Willoughby and Zoe Hernandez
Bryoni Teddy, Grace Willoughby and Zoe Hernandez
Pupils from Star of the Sea NS in Riverchapel taking part in the recent Scoot to School Week

The energetic pupils at Riverchapel National School don't just walk to and from school, they scoot!

A recent Wednesday was branded 'SOW Day' (Scoot on Wednesdays) at Riverchapel NS, and many pupils ditched the car for the day. Instead, they jumped aboard their scooters and sped off to school, enjoying the benefits of fresh air and activity along the way. The new footpaths on the approach to the village ensured a much safer journey.

When classes were over, they grabbed their scooters, put on their helmets, secured their school bags on their backs, and headed for home, leaving the traffic jams behind them.

Green Schools co-ordinator, and senior and junior infants class teacher, Sonja McNulty explained that they were taking part in the Green Schools National Scoot to School Week, as part of their efforts to secure a fourth green flag for the school.

This campaign, which runs from 2016 to 2018, has a transport theme, and SOW Day is just one activity that goes towards it.

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