Thursday 22 February 2018

Illegal dumping is causing flood risk

ILLEGAL dumping in Chucky's River in Gorey is causing a flooding risk, Gorey Town Council was told at its monthly meeting last week.

The Councillors were discussing the recent spate of bad weather, with Cllr. Colin Webb remarking that works undertaken by Wexford County Council in recent years had prevented any major flooding in the town.

'The works done at Esmonde Street are working, but are there any areas of worry?' he asked. Engineer Neville Shaw told him that they are keeping a close eye on Garden City, clearing drains regularly.

'It should be noted that we escaped without major flooding and that is testament to the work of the Council,' said Cllr. Webb.

Mr. Shaw told the meeting that Council crews clear the street drains every morning, as fallen leaves are the biggest problem.

Cllr. Malcolm Byrne appealed to people to stop dumping in Chucky's River, as this is causing flooding. 'Dumping is the main cause of water backing up,' he said.

Neville Shaw told him it is a well known dumping spot, and the Community Wardens and private contractors are regularly called in to clear away items such as mattresses and toys.

Cllr. Darren Keegan said that large branches from trees which were topped at Etchingham Grove have also fallen into the river and are blocking it. Council crews will look at the site.

Gorey Guardian

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