Sunday 17 December 2017

Grass verges at The Avenue turned to muck

Grass verge on the Avenue.
Grass verge on the Avenue.

MOTORISTS parking on freshly laid grass verges on The Avenue in Gorey, have turned the area 'into muck', Gorey Town Council was told at its monthly meeting last week.

Cllr. Michael D'Arcy, in his Chairman's report, called for the verges to be reinstated and to be properly protected with barriers.

'Putting in clay and reseeding them was a waste of time without barriers,' he said. 'People are very displeased.'

The meeting was told that people have been summonsed for parking their cars on the verges.

Cllr. D'Arcy said that ten years ago when The Avenue was torn up by the Council, the ESB, and Eircom, it was promised the street would be restored. 'It's just not good enough,' he stated. 'I'm asking that an allocation be made over the next two years to finish the work. Nobody wants much around their premises.'

Cllr. Colin Webb pointed out that priority was given to finishing the footpath, and work has been underway.

'No work has been done in the past two years,' replied Cllr. D'Arcy.

Town Manager Eddie Taaffe suggested the Councillors formally request the work be included in the list of planned works for the year, currently being drawn up by engineers.

Cllrs. D'Arcy and Webb agreed to this proposal. 'A very good job has been done on the first half of The Avenue,' said Cllr. D'Arcy.

Engineer Neville Shaw commented that the work hasn't stopped, and a tender is currently out for the remainder of the footpath. 'We haven't said "no". It's on the programme,' he said.

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