Tuesday 24 October 2017

Garda escort to Johnny's party

Johnny Murphy, who suffers from gastroparasis.
Johnny Murphy, who suffers from gastroparasis.

Balllymurn boy Johnny Murphy got a garda escort to his 3rd birthday in the Riverside Park Hotel on Sunday.

Traffic corps officers arrived at his house to present him with a hat and jacket before leading the way to the party attended by 200 family, friends and neighbours.

The special event was organised by Share a Dream Foundation and featured a cake made from playdoh as Johnny is unable to eat.

He suffers from gastroparasis, a condition which causes paralysis of the stomach and bowel, and he can only be fed through a tube.

He is currently receiving treatment at Great Ormonde Street Hospital in London where he attends regularly with his parents Sabrina and John.

'It was a fantastic day. We were blown away by it,' said Sabrina.

Buzz and Woody, Johnny's favourite characters from the film Toy Story, presented him with his birthday cake.

Gorey Guardian