Thursday 24 January 2019

Camolin lends a helping hand

Volunteers at Camolin Hall sorting out clothes for the Homeless Appeal
Volunteers at Camolin Hall sorting out clothes for the Homeless Appeal

Brendan Keane

An appeal for unwanted clothes to be donated to the homeless received a great response from the people of Camolin and the surrounding areas.

The Homeless Appeal took place in Camolin Parish Hall on Saturday, October 20, and was organised by sisters Anna Doyle and Bernadette Behan.

The initiative was organised in support of Wexford People Helping People and Inner City Helping Homeless. The high regard in which both organisations are held was underlined by the show of support afforded the appeal by members of the public.

Speaking to this newspaper about the appeal Ms Behan said the appeal took place last year for the first time and the decision was made to hold it a second time because of its success last year.

'We did it last December and we got a great reception so we decided to do it again,' she said.

Ms Behan went on to comment that the number of homeless people in Wexford is growing: 'The number of people who are homeless now has doubled.'

'We wanted to find some local organisation that we could help and that's why we chose Wexford People Helping People,' she said, with regard to who they wanted to benefit from the collection appeal.

'Last year we saw people dying on the streets in Dublin and you look at it from your own perspective and think you are lucky to have food and shelter so we said we could talk about it or do something,' she said.

'It was so successful we said we could do it again next year,' she added.

Their involvement with the Dublin based organisation came about through her niece who is a teacher in Enniscorthy.

'She was in contact with the Dublin organisation and we really liked what they do,' she said.

'None of the organisations look for money they just want donations and anything they get is really appreciated,' she added.

To raise awareness about the appeal Ms Behan and Ms Doyle dropped leaflets into local schools and they were overwhelmed by the response they received within the community.

Throughout the day local people converged on the hall not just to drop of clothes but to also help sort them out and bag them for transporting.

They arrived from all around the village to give a hand much to the appreciation of the organisers.

'Community spirit can be so good,' said Ms Behan.

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