Friday 14 December 2018

Buffers poker is a close call

Paul Doran, Pat Doran, Pat Kenny and Bobby Kenny
Paul Doran, Pat Doran, Pat Kenny and Bobby Kenny
Anthony and Margaret O' Connor.
Eileen Doyle and Winnie Nolan.
Tess Enright and Angela Butler.

Thompson Byrne claimed top prize in a keenly contested final table at the recent poker classic which took place in Buffers Alley.

The outcome was very much in doubt until a late run of winning hands by Thompson edged out contenders Mick Butler and Tom Breen.

The final placings were as follows: 1, Thompson Byrne; 2, Mick Butler; 3, Tom Breen; 4, Jimmy Kennedy Jnr; 5, Nellie Farrell; and 6, Paul Doran. Jimmy Doyle was the first with a poker and there was no straight flush or royal flush. Seán Kavanagh won the door prize which was kindly sponsored by Hammel's Centra, Kilmuckridge.

The organising committee sent a sincere thank you to Brendan Roche and Shay Hammel for their support in organising the event and to all the club members who helped run the classic, especially MC Ben Martin. The committee also wished Jimmy Kennedy Snr, who was in hospital, a speedy recovery.

A final word of thanks went to all the card players for their continued support and the committee hopes to see them all again next year.

Gorey Guardian