Tuesday 21 May 2019

Another honour for scholar Chantelle (18)

Scholar Chantelle Esper with her parents, Juliette and Les Stapleton
Scholar Chantelle Esper with her parents, Juliette and Les Stapleton

Cathy Lee

Chantelle Esper, a gifted 18 year old student who grew up in Riverchapel and now studies theoretical physics in Trinity College Dublin, has just won an honorary title of Trinity Scholar having impressed her tutors since she began her studies in 2017.

The scholars awards are awarded on academic merit, and it was been seven years since a student in theoretical physics has won such a title.

Chantelle Esper is in her second year at Trinity College Dublin and had to study extra exams alongside her regular studies to be concerned for this honour, and these exams book pace in January.

Chantelle was happy to be the one to break the so-called 'seven year curse'.

'It is a major achievement where students continue with their usual course work as well as studying independently for these exams, in becoming a Scholar they must demonstrate in depth knowledge and understanding of their subjects,' Trinity College Dublin told this newspaper in a statement.

'We're very proud of all of her achievements,' said Juliette Stapleton, Chantelle's mother, who knew that her daughter had exceptional academic abilities from a young age.

'When she was younger, the signs were all there and we brought her to DCU to be tested to see if she was a gifted child and no surprise, she stood out as being very gifted,' Juliette added.

Chantelle received the maximum 625 points in her Leaving Cert in 2017, and in 2016 when Chantelle was a fifth year student at Gorey Community School, she was awarded by the Spanish Embassy for coming second overall in Ireland in her Spanish Junior Certificate result.

'Chantelle was an amazing student from the second she walked in to Gorey Community School until the second she left, this is fantastic news for her and I'm not surprised that she got there,' said Principal of Gorey Community School Michael Finn, who also studied at Trinity College.

'The Scholar programme provides free accommodation, on campus food and more, any student would be delighted with that and it's a huge boost for Chantelle and her family,' Michael Finn added.

'We are delighted that she has found a subject she is passionate about as she has a lot of different interests. We can't thank Gorey Community School and Riverchapel primary school for everything in getting Chantelle to where she is now,' said Juliette Stapleton.

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