Thursday 19 April 2018

Alfie finds illegal drugs school!

David Medcalf

A stash of cash and a consignment of illicit drugs was discovered in a classroom at Courtnacuddy National School last week – but there was no need for alarm.

Instead, the discovery came as the pupils of the fifth and sixth classes took a break from their usual routine as they welcomed Customs officials in class.

Visitors Geraldine Ward and Dinny Lawlor brought sniffer dogs Ralph and Alfie from Rosslare Europort with them to show the children what they can do.

It was Alfie's last day at work on the payroll of Customs and Excise, and he spent it tracking down narcotics and money hidden around the room.

He has now been dispatched to a new home in Roscommon where he will pass his retirement.

The two visiting spaniels proved very friendly and the members of teacher Claire Kickham's class were welcome to pet them when they arrived.

But the dogs showed their serious side too as they used their marvellous sense of smell to uncover the packages of cash and drugs.

'The children were very impressed. It was a wonderful experience,' said Courtnacuddy principal Brian Flood after the unusual lesson. 'We are always trying to do something a little bit different.'

Gorey Guardian