Thursday 13 December 2018

Place wants to bring a little sunshine to winter

Proprietor Juliana Walters and Evelyn Howell pictured beside the light box.
Proprietor Juliana Walters and Evelyn Howell pictured beside the light box.

Fintan Lambe

On some winter days in Ireland, it might seem as if the country will never see the sun again, but there's on place in Gorey where it's always sunny.

'The Light Room' at Place boutique on Esmonde Street, has been installed for public use until natural sunlight returns sometime around February.

The temporary installation was launched last week with around 60 guests in attendance.

Speaking afterwards, proprietor Juliana Walters explained the concept of the Light Room. 'This is about sharing something with the community,' she said. 'It's very important to look after ourselves.' As Ireland often doesn't get enough sunlight, she said this offers benefits on a physical and psychological level

'It's a place to go and chill out, and come out more positive,' she said.

The Light Room is free of charge for anyone to pop in and use for any length of time they like, though 30 to 60 minutes are recommended. It is not available after 3 p.m. as a session can leave people energised and could hamper sleep if used later in the day

Shorter and darker days can cause serotonin to hibernate in the neurons of the brain, resulting in the sufferer feeling more tired, less motivated, and less energetic. The concept is to offer a little bit of peace, a calm and holistic space in which to take a break and at the same time re-energise. The multi-sensory experience is designed to brighten, relax, rejuvenate, uplift and recharge yourself by boosting your vitamin D levels.

It is not a sunbed. You don't need to wear sunglasses. There are no harmful rays. Users can just sit and relax or use the iPad and headphones provided.

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