Friday 14 December 2018

New Year hopes and aspirations for 2018

Madeleine Quirke
Madeleine Quirke

Madeleine Quirke of Wexford Chamber will certainly have a lot to look forward to in the New Year as she prepares to step down as Chief Executive after almost 10 years.

Madeleine was elected President of Wexford Chamber back in 2007 and again in 2008 and she took on the role of Acting CEO when her friend and colleague Emer Lovett had to step down in 2009.

Emer was a wonderful ambassador for Wexford and to this day I have a photograph in my office of the two of us on the rooftop of the Talbot Hotel and often have a quiet word with her,' said Madeleine.

The past decade has seen immense change across all sectors of the economy and Wexford Chamber go from strength to strength.

Outlining her hopes, aspirations and resolutions, Madeleine said a lot has changed and with the introduction of new technology, including the iPad,

I believe that businesses are in a very different place in terms of networking and strong engagement across a wide range of stakeholders. A fabulous new Chamber HQ right in the heart of the Wexford business district including our state of the art Datapac Resource Centre sees us well positioned for the year ahead.

With our new President on board, Niall Reck of Graphedia, himself a small business owner, I feel that the Chamber will continue to grow in terms of the number of Members and in terms of its support of the marketing and development of the wonderful town and county of Wexford.

The uncertainty of Brexit is a challenge but from a Wexford Chamber perspective we believe that this highly publicised 'divorce' could actually deliver significant opportunities for businesses in the Model County.

With Rosslare Europort on our doorstep we hope to see a significant increase in both inbound and outbound traffic at the port. We have recently welcomed Glen Carr of Rosslare Europort on to the Board of Wexford Chamber and are focused on influencing the redevelopment of Rosslare Europort and repositioning it as a port of national strategic importance. My role is to represent the Members of Wexford Chamber on issues which impact on the current and future economic proposition of our county. The spirit of co-operation that exists between us and other business support agencies is helping to drive the development of the local economy and I feel that the reach and influence of Wexford Chamber is enabled by the air of positivity that exists in the local business community.

Wexford as a business community should be closely watched as we are now ideally positioned as an attractive location for businesses that wish to set up operations outside of Dublin. The plans to develop Trinity Wharf on the Wexford Quay front will be finalised and progressed in 2018 and there is no doubt that this alone will attract new investment and jobs to Wexford. From a Chamber perspective, our new recently launched brand was launched reflecting our heritage and our ongoing evolution as a strong, influential and collaborative network that effects real change as the voice of business across the county and the country.

'Advancing business together' illustrates the ethos of Chambers across the country and Wexford Chamber will continue to work on behalf of our members through lobbying local government, national government in order to shape policy and deliverables as well as representing the concerns of business to relevant stakeholders. Chambers continue to be relevant and through consistent engagement with our Members we support and enable businesses to thrive in our ever evolving environment. Exciting times ahead for County Wexford and I am so looking forward to welcoming new initiatives and new technologies.

From a personal perspective, after surviving the working world and being fortunate enough to be in good health, I have big hopes for the next 20 or 30 years! Life is good and I know will continue to be good as I take on new challenges and begin a new chapter in my life. I have a wonderful family and to spend more time with all of them will be a priority. Lots of fun times ahead! To remain fit and healthy is my plan, to remain involved and relevant is my aspiration and to continue to enjoy my very fortunate and happy life is my resolution.

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