Sunday 22 April 2018

I like my 'me time' ... with a good box set

There is nothing to equal family-life; no two days are the same, there is always some drama going on and facilitating mv loved ones on a daily basis surely makes me a better person. That said, I will admit to times when I feel a little dose of solitary living would not go amiss at all.

This was my thought when as a family we took an inventory of what we had yet to watch i.e. on the telly (please believe we are marginally more interesting that this might make us sound). On account of the demands of well. family- life, we don't get to watch much TV.

As a result between our box-sets, our downloads and the odd recording, we have built for ourselves a neat little bundle of shows yet to be viewed.

For example, we must be the only individuals walking the earth not to bear witness to "Breaking Bad"; we only ever watch the" Good Wife" in batches and if per chance we tape a movie, invariably it is deleted in favour of releasing recording space for programmes we never get to see.

Therefore, it was quite the rebel in me that suggested we download a whole new commitment - the highly-celebrated "Game of Thrones" series. I sparked an uprising. I was promptly reminded that the last two series of "The Wire" were still pending. They pointed out that the "The Following" never got to be followed.

And although no one wanted to mention it (but they did), my suggested taping of "Vikings" was still awaiting an outing. So in the interest of, I let it go.

That is until an unprecedented Sunday afternoon when I found I had the house to myself. The world was my oyster but more to the point, so was the telly. Daringly, I brought up the listings, boldly I let my finger hover over downloads and in defiance of familial consensus, I pressed the forbidden button and "Game of Thrones" was all mine.

It is a fantasy drama about family, loyalty, kings and kingdoms. I was three episodes in before my treason was unveiled. Had I been snorting something illegal all afternoon, they could not have been more indignant. But the blood, guts and gore - the keystones of this great epic - served me well; to be the conquered or the conqueror?

So in a deft move against so-called democracy, I pulled rank, claimed the realm and seized my throne. I didn't cut anyone's head off nor did I sever any limbs, I merely did what any other mother would do in the same situation; I listed ad-nauseum every last thing I do for them, I injected them with a generous measure of guilt and I commanded peace and quiet along with a fourth episode of my new addiction.

It was a good lesson in how facilitating me makes them better people.

Note: Due to strong language and scenes of an adult nature, Game of Thrones is not suitable for family viewing.

Gorey Guardian