Friday 20 April 2018

Big changes are coming

'OPERATION Transformation' is being taken very seriously at the Bellefield GAA complex these days.

'Operation Transformation' is being taken very seriously at the Bellefield GAA complex these days.

The numbers signed up by leader Michael Collins and his team is up more than 40 per cent on last year.

He now puts 85 volunteers through their paces three times a week in a bid to shed weight and improve their fitness. They have already appeared (for a couple of seconds) on the 'Operation Transformation' television programme early in the current series.

The members were seen briefly taking part in a walk along the Promenade, the images taken from a home made video sent in to Montrose. Participants are asked to weigh in each Monday night before heading out to exercise in the open air, come rain, hail or shine.

They are back for more hard work in the training field on Wednesday nights and then return on Saturday mornings to work out on the steps of the clubhouse. 'You are not competing with the person beside you but competing against yourself.'

That is the message from Michael Collins who finds that he is catering for an age range that goes from teenage up early 70s. As he prepares a thesis on the 'Operation' phenomenon for Waterford IT, he notes that the vast majority of his charges are female.

Apart from examining the gender balance, or imbalance, involved in the fitness programme, he also notes that 30 of his transformers of 2014 were in the group last year too. He works with fellow leaders Fran Millar and Linda Tobin to present the sessions. It is expected that some of their followers will be among the entries at the big road run promoted by the TV programme in Dublin later this month. For those who stay at home, Michael Collins and his colleagues are preparing to present a run in Enniscorthy instead.

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