Sunday 17 December 2017

91-year-old Susan wins garden prize

Susan Williams
Susan Williams
Susan Williams' garden

Fintan Lambe

THE INSPIRATIONAL work of a keen 91-year-old Gorey gardener has won her the award for Best Garden at the national 'Great Places to Live' awards.

Green fingered Susan Williams, who lives at the Clúid Housing Association development at Esmonde Gardens, Gorey, was rewarded for her efforts in helping to make her home and community a great place to live.

Her achievement was marked at the annual national Great Places to Live awards, now in its fourth year and hosted by Clúid Housing Association.

'Clúid believes it is important to celebrate the achievements of residents who really make the effort,' said Clúid's Regional Director Kath Cottier. 'We place enormous emphasis on building sustainable communities but what this event marks is the part of community that, with all the will in the world, Clúid as a housing association cannot do. It is the participation and contribution of our residents that make a great place to live. We provide the bricks and mortar. They create the homes.'

'Susan is an inspiration to us all,' she added. 'She creates so much colour and life in her garden and everyone who passes by benefits from it, including commuters on the train to Dublin.'

'Her garden is immaculately maintained with painted fences, well fed manicured grass and a variety of flowers any garden centre would be envious of,' she added.

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