Thursday 20 September 2018

Wellbeing for shift workers 

Calodagh McCumiskey - Wellbeing and Meditation However difficult it is for the rest of us to take good care of ourselves, shift-work poses a host of heightened health challenges for many reasons. Irregular work patterns, disruption of your body clock, reduced exposure to daylight, disruption of social interaction with family and loved ones, fewer opportunities for physical activity, and the tendency for increased use of caffeine and sugary food to boost alertness can play havoc with your...

Wonderful to experience acts of kindness 

Fr Michael Commane - The Way I See It It really is amazing the wonder that is in front of our eyes. And what's shocking is how often we miss it, pass it by, ignore it, simply don't bother about it. It's so true, we don't see the nose on our face. There must be something in the human psyche that sends us off chasing rainbows, always looking out for the extraordinary great things when so often it's the little things, those seemingly inconsequential moments, events, acts of kindness, that bring...