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Crowd gathers in support of Coco's Law


The crowd that marched on Gorey’s Main street for Coco’s Law

The crowd that marched on Gorey’s Main street for Coco’s Law

The crowd that marched on Gorey’s Main street for Coco’s Law

The streets of Gorey saw activists march for Coco's Law after the awareness-raising event was organised by campaigner Jackie Fox along with March for Justice Ireland.

They walked from Lidl up to Gorey Main street keeping social distance, and then held speeches on the Main street which attracted support from those marchers as well as passers-by.

During her emotional speech, Jackie told the crowd about her daughter Nicole, the happy life she had before the difficulty with bullying began. She also spoke about the campaign journey, which has the aim of bringing in a new law to crack down on online bullying and harassment after Jackie's daughter Nicole (21) died by suicide after years of hardship at the hands of bullies.

Jackie has been campaigning for two years, having marched in Dublin and spoke before a committee in the Dáil. So far close to 32,000 signatures have been gathered on a petition to support Coco's Law.

It is now hoped that other marches will take place in other counties but Jackie felt it was important to hold the first one in Gorey as she is now living in Courtown. Next on the agenda is Cork and it is hoped that a march will be held in Wexford town also.

She was delighted with the support on the day, with some families in attendance whose children suffered in the same way.

'It went really well, we picked the perfect spot. I was a bit nervous over the social distancing but we kept our distance all the way up with a great crowd for the march itself. March for Justice Ireland have been fantastic, and the amount of people that stopped and started walking up with us great. I want to thank the people that did come with us, the passers-by and everyone who stood, listened and cared.

'I noticed I got more followers on the campaign page on social media and messages in,' she said.

Although Labour TD Brendan Howlin has been supportive to Jackie since the beginning, she said she was disappointed that no local TDs or senators from North Wexford took part in the march.

'I would have been happier if local politicians came to the march or even shared the information on social media, but they said they couldn't because of the Covid-19 restrictions. The guards came and were happy with us keeping our distance from each other.

'Brendan Howlin has been pushing it forward to getting the Harmful Harassment Communications Related Act brought in and he agrees about how important it is'.

To find out more about Coco's Law, the petition is available to sign online at change.org, by searching 'Bring in CoCo's Law' and you can keep up with the campaign on social media.

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