Thursday 25 April 2019

Big match will honour star


Claire Scanlan will be honoured for her dedication to the cause of Irish womens soccer during the half-time break in Ireland's match with Georgia tonight ( Wednesday).

Along with Sharon Boyle and Olivia O'Toole, Claire will be recognised for her part in the rise in interest of the womens game in this country over the last two decades.

'It's a very special occasion for me and I'm delighted that we'll be honoured in this way,' she added.

Claire made almost 60 appearances with Ireland in her days in the green but this will be the first time that three Irish players will be honoured in this way.

'Things have changed a lot on the Irish scene for women and that's great. It really is a well organised set up with Noel King there and the players are coming through'.

Indeed, Claire's talents have inspired others to sample the Irish soccer way of life, including Sonya Hughes from Balbriggan and her fellow Balbriggan starlet Diane Caldwell, who is presently studying in the United States.

Claire's career brought her from Rush to university in America and then to places like Japan and back to Leeds United and Bristol where she worked with Filton and Bristol academy sides.

Many young players have learned from her but she decided on another change in career last August.

I'd been in Bristol and when the offer of a job at Troy University in Alabama came up I decided to take it. I did my masters there in the past so I knew all about the place'.

The season has started well with Troy competing in the elite Division 1.