Monday 19 August 2019

Swords at key juncture in year

PJ Murray

IT could be third time lucky for Swords CC this season as their third year in existence sees them in with a realistic chance of promotion from the Leinster Division 9.

At present they sit in fifth with six games remaining, and club captain Roy Matthew is happy with the progress being made since they first entered the league.

'We have come a long way since we first started. For most of them it was the first time playing in Ireland or playing the game at all and in the first year everyone was just getting to know each other and getting to know the game.

'The second year we played well, but we are in the third year now, so we want promotion.

'We have been playing together as a team, so it's getting better and better.'

The team in place now, Matthew says, are a solid bunch of players who have learned together through experience and they are capable of making the push for promotion, although the club have been hampered by the fact that they did lose their only double-points game against North County.

'We are looking for a promotion this year, and in the six games left we hope to have a chance at that.'

A lot of the work in the club has been developing its members' ability to play the longer form of the game and Matthew explained that those who originally joined had little or no experience of the 50-over match.

'Most of them have played the short form before and nobody played the longer game and they didn't have the patience to stay in the crease for such long periods of time. So in the first season everyone was getting used to that part of cricket and now you can even see it on the scoreboard.

'In the first season we were getting less than one hundred runs and we were all out, but now you can see that we can get over 200 runs.'

Swords were due to face bottom side Leinster on Saturday but were given a walkover, so their next fixture is against league-leading Phoenix. For Swords' promotion hopes to carry on right into the business end of the season, they will need to win.

'We have been give a walkover for the Leinster game, so if we can no go on and beat Phoenix that will be back-to-back victories and it will move us into a good position going into the last four or five games,' he concluded.

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