Sunday 19 November 2017

Niamh bows out of Europeans after battling display


Paul Byrne

Bracken boxer Niamh Fay bowed out in the first round of the European Junior Boxing Championships following a battling performance against eventual finalist Vilma Triebelova from Finland in the 57kg category.

14-year old Niamh was drawn to face the experienced Finn in the very opening match of the championships and after a slow start she eventually worked her way into the contest before narrowly losing a close decision.

Niamh's father and coach Garry Fay stated he was proud of his daughter's performance and noted that the whole experience will really stand to her for any future tournaments she boxes in.

'Niamh lost against a really good boxer and although it was a very close fight we have no complaints about the judge's verdict. Niamh is not one to get nervous before fights but she admitted that she was nervous this time around and that showed early on. 

'She was a bit apprehensive in the opening round and a bit slow to get going. But she really picked it up in the second round and I thought she won that well. The third round was a real nip and tuck affair and could have went either way but unfortunately for us we didn't get the nod this time,' explained Garry.

'It was a bit tough on Niamh having to box so early on in the week and going in for the very first fight of the championships. 

'You lose that opening fight and it's a long week ahead of you watching all the rest of your teammates boxing. 

'But I said this to her and I believe it is true, she will learn so much from this whole experience. 

'She has travelled abroad to her first ever major tournament and she has realised that there is a different kind of pressure out there. 

'Even down to the way you get your hands wrapped and what kind of head-guard you use there's slight differences which she will be more used to next time around. 

'The Finnish girl went on to beat the French and German champions in the quarters and semi's so she is obviously very good and there is no shame in losing to her. 

'Niamh was obviously disappointed after the defeat but she's a determined character and she will take this on the chin before getting back into the gym and continuing to improve and work hard. 

'We're not sure what is next for Niamh but the World Championships are being held in India later this year and we are hoping that the Irish team will bring juniors with them and if they do I'd be hopeful Niamh will get called up. 

'In the meantime we will keep on working hard and get ready  for whatever is next,' concluded Garry.

Fingal Independent

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