Thursday 18 October 2018

Eye-catching victories for local fighters

PJ Murray

It has been another landmark few weeks for Rush Fight Academy as two of their professionals in Adam Caffrey and Paul Lawrence both enjoyed stellar wins.

Paul 'Lights Out' Lawrence was fighting in the 3Arena on the KSW show, the first time this particular organisation has staged a fight night in Dublin. KSW is a Polish fight show and the 3Arena was predominantly full of Polish fight fans which created a unique atmosphere.

Lawrence was fighting Konrad 'Moto Moto' Iwanowski from Dublin's Fantom Gym. Iwanowski is the number one ranked fighter in Ireland and when Lawrence began his pro career the Pole was the Irish middleweight champion.

But after an absolute war, Lawrence was awarded the win via a split decision. The Rush fighter has a three-fight contract with the KSW and similarly to the UFC, once you continue to win they will continue to extend your contract.

What it means for the fighter is that he has two more fights at least and it may take him to Poland for his next bout, a prospect that Lawrence would no doubt relish.

There were no Halloween frights for Adam Caffrey who was headlining the Cage Legacy event held at the TLT in Drogheda last Saturday week. He was fighting the unbeaten Ivan Zidar from Sweden's Allstars Gym.

The bout lasted 90 seconds as Caffrey forced Zidar to tap with a rear naked choke. It brings the youngster's professional record to 3-2, and when you consider the calibre of opposition he has faced it's a very respectable record.

Both Caffrey and Lawrence were really pushing themselves in the weeks leading up to their respective fights.

Speaking on his win, Caffrey was delighted with how it went. Having done a few days training in Croatia, Zidar's home country, Caffrey text his contacts to do some research on his opponent.

'From what I was told, I was expecting him to be a striker - he is a former K1 fighter - so I was prepared for a stand-up battle. But right from the start I hit him a left hook to the chin and he didn't seem too interested in striking after that,' said Caffrey.

Just over a minute later Zidar would be tapping out as Caffrey's ground game proved too strong for his opponent.

'Where he is a striker trying to develop his grappling skills, my striking and grappling are as good as each other, so when I felt he wanted to take the fight to the mat I was more than happy to go with that.'

Both wins for the Fight Academy will make the whole stable a more appealing prospect for shows coming to Ireland looking to put on the best cards. Caffrey says both he and Paul Lawrence are very much stand-up fighters.

'That's what people want to see when they come to fights, they want to see two guys stand up and strike and really go for it. People are excited to see me fight because that's what I do, I just go for it. And Paul has real knockout power which people love to see, so the more we keep winning, who knows.'

Caffrey is targeting January for a return to the Octagon, as he has commitments outside of MMA which rules out February,

'My girlfriend has told me not to do anything in February as she's taking me away, I have no idea where to,' he laughs. 'But I'm hoping to get on something before the end of the year or maybe in January,' he said.

He is also very much the type of fighter who would take a fight at short notice, but there is a lot more to come from the Rush Fight Academy over the next few months.

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