Monday 10 December 2018

Going back to basics key, say McEvoy

Dublin's two goal hero, Niamh McEvoy, believed it was a case of going back to basics after Dublin overcame Westmeath in Sunday's TG4 Leinster LGFA senior final at Netwatch Cullen Park to secure their seventh provincial title on the trot.

'I think maybe we were overcomplicating things a bit in the first we were making things a bit difficult for ourselves particularly with the weather so we went back to doing the simple things well and it really stood to us there' said the Sylvesters players afterwards.

The soaring temperatures certainly would have made it difficult for both teams but McEvoy insisted there was no question of Dublin holding back.

'I don't think the weather was something to consider you always want to perform your best, you wouldnt want to be saving yourself, there is someone who will come off the bench and do the job for you, so its a case of giving everything you've got, so if you need to be replaced, some one will come off the bench for you.'

Westmeath had come to within three points of Dublin at the break following Aoife Connolly's well taken half hour strike before Lyndsey Davey popped up for a timely strike before the break to leave Dublin up by seven at the break.

'It was a super finish' Said McEvoy of Davey's strike 'Someone did really well to win the kick out and Lyndsey got on the end of a really good move and it really settled Ls down in the second half.

'And you saw me a made a lot less unforced errors and we worked hard and settled us down a bit more

At the other end, Dublin had to withstand some sustained pressure from the Westmeath attack in the first half and McEvoy was quick to play tribute to Dublin's rearguard.

'Martha (Byrne)has a particularly good game. she was a real springboard for us going forward but our backs have been flying all year, the way they move the ball up the pitch really makes the job easier.

The Dublin defence saw experience mixed with new talent with Sinead Finnegan claiming her first seventh Leinster winners medal. She played alongside championship debutant, Laura McGinley and she was certainly impressed by McGinley on the day.

She's really been putting her hand up in training to get a starting place on the team so she did really really well for such a young girl, so the future her will be very very bright.

Nonetheless the Fingallians girl admitted it was a bit of a taxing afternoon for the Dublin defence on the day.

'I suppose when the team get goal chances on us we are not very happy, we pride ourselves on locking out the teams, they had a good few goals chances in the first half, they scored in t he first half and had another in the second half so its something we will have to look at.'

Fingal Independent