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Sterilising young girls and women against their will is a serious crime

Should women who test positive for HIV be sterilised? It's an incredible question to be asking, but it seems there are some who believe that they definitely should. What's even more incredible is that some of the people who hold this opinion are the UN (United Nations) and the WHO (World Health Organisation).

Before going any further, let's put a popular myth to bed by pointing out that HIV-positive women can have healthy babies. That's a fact, so if you think that sterilising them and therefore preventing children being born with a death sentence is a good reason for doing it, then you're simply wrong.

A supposed UN "vaccine program" in Kenya at present is being denounced by doctors and Catholic bishops for deliberately sterilising millions of women. The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association ordered lab tests of tetanus vaccines being administered in Kenya by the WHO and UNICEF and found that the vaccine was laced with the sterilising agent Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).

According to the organisation and other medical experts, the HCG found in the UN tetanus vaccines causes women's bodies to develop an immune response to attack the hormone, which is essential to pregnancy. So, when a woman who has received the UN shots gets pregnant, her body fights the crucial HCG -- resulting in the death of the unborn child in the womb.

Eventually, the supposed inoculations -- being given to Kenyan women by the UN under the guise of "preventing neo-natal tetanus" -- result in permanent sterility after multiple doses, and furthermore, none of the women given the shots are being informed of their contraceptive effects.

Surprisingly, this has received minimal reporting in mainstream media - in fact, outside of Kenya it has hardly been reported at all. You'd have to wonder why?

After all, the United Nation Humans Rights Committee, which monitors compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) has referred to the sterilisation of women without their consent as "a violation of the right to be free from torture and other inhuman and degrading treatment".

All women have the right to free and informed choice before consenting to sterilisation including counselling on the possible consequences of choosing a permanent method of contraception. And yet it took a group of Catholic doctors, and Catholic Bishops, people who are often labelled misogynistic let's not forget, to expose this disgraceful situation.

Sterilising young girls and women against their will, under the guise of giving them life-saving tetanus vaccines, is as serious a crime as any eugenics program perpetrated in the past by Hitler. And yet this forced sterilisation is being carried out by the very organisation that was set up post-WW2 to make sure it never happened again.

The UN is a good organisation when it does its job honestly and fairly and in accordance with basic morality. It is failing badly in Kenya right now. In recent times here in Ireland we have been reminded of the shameful history of Magdalen Laundries and Mother and Baby Homes which destroyed the lives of hundreds of women and children. What's happening in Kenya is even worse, and nobody seems to care.

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