Sunday 18 November 2018

Yukina's new sound sure to stick around


Yukina are set to launch their debut album in September.
Yukina are set to launch their debut album in September.

WE'VE had nu rave, dance punk and dub-step - now prepare yourself for swamp disco. That's the sound eminating from Yukina, a seven-piece outfit with a distinct Fingal flavour who are set to launch their debut album in September.

The brainchild of Portmarnock native, Stuart Doyle, Yukina unveiled their new single ' Stuck' at The Button Factory last Saturday and are formulating big plans for the coming months.

After unsuccessful attempts to launch a band, Stuart went solo in Spain, testing and developing his own sound.

' When I was six, I remember my aunt was listening to Roxy Music and I was entranced,' he said. ' She was so taken by my reaction that she gave me the album.

' There was something in the sound that I couldn't describe. It wasn't until I grew up that I found out what that sound was - it was sleaze.'

Influenced by Roxy, as well as Blondie, The Ramones, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Rory Gallagher and more, Stuart set about creating his own ' swamp disco'.

After returning to Ireland, he put together a demo with his sister Julie - ' Comin' Round' - before enlisting Balbriggan bassist, Alan Sheridan and Scott Davis, Mark Carroll and Myriam Leon.

' We put on a great show and give it our all,' frontman Stuart continued. ' We have big guitars, big bass sound, a growling lead singer, sweet harmonies from the girls, maracas from Spain, a drummer schooled in Brazilian beats and a lunatic percussionist.'

' At the heart of it, we're a rock ' n' roll band, but we've got a sensitive side,' Alan added. The band have also recruited Stuart's uncle, Dave Delaney, a veteran roadie on the Irish live circuit, directing their live gigs and sound production.

Yukina release their first album, ' Swamp Disco', on September 24th at the Button Factory and will also be aiming to spread their sounds far and wide.

' We are hoping to bring our music everywhere,' Stuart said. ' We will be visiting the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain in the near future, with plans being laid for the US and Canada, touring to promote our debut album.'