Monday 20 May 2019

Young man given one final chance to avoid a conviction

Balbriggan District Court
Balbriggan District Court

Nicola Donnelly

A young man who damaged a wing mirror of a van and urinated in the front garden of a Rush homeowner four years ago has been given further time to come up with €950 in compensation.

Dean O'Reilly (26) had been ordered to bring the full compensation to court last Thursday.

However, his defence barrister Annette Kealy said the defendant only managed to get half of the money and requested one more chance to come up with the full amount.

Judge Dermot Dempsey warned him he has until May 9 to come up with the full compensation - otherwise he will deal with it.

The court previously heard that there are 'exceptional circumstances' as to why he had not paid the money in the four years as he has suffered health problems.

'He is willing to pay it but he is barely scraping by,' said Ms Kealy.

In July 2015, the court heard the defendant was camping with friends at North Beach in Rush and became intoxicated.

He caused damage to a van's wing mirror before urinating in the front garden of a local homeowner before following her into her house.

At that court hearing, Judge Conal Gibbons gave O'Reilly a year to come up with €200 in compensation for the van owner and a further €750 for the homeowner and if the money was paid he would strike the case out.

'This is the proper way to deal with it. How do we make it up to the house owner for this disgusting and disgraceful behaviour,' said Judge Gibbons.

Judge Gibbons also stated 'Alcohol in a bottle is harmless but when it is mixed with humans, I know which is to blame - the human.'

O'Reilly, of Emmett Crescent in Inchicore pleaded guilty to being intoxicated and trespassing at a house in North Beach, Rush on July 25, 2014.

He also pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to a van wing mirror at Skerries Road in Rush on the same date.

Sergeant Tony Tighe gave evidence that at 10.20pm O'Reilly was found in the front garden of a woman's house. The woman was in her garden at the time and saw O'Reilly urinating in her garden.

'She was frightened and when she went back into her house, the defendant followed her inside,' said Sgt Tighe.

He said O'Reilly then went into the woman's office in her home and sat down in front of the computer.

Gardai were called to the house and O'Reilly was found to be in a highly intoxicated state.

'At the same time, a third party came along and said a wing mirror on his van was damaged,' said Sgt Tighe, adding that O'Reilly admitted the damage.

At last week's court sitting, Judge Dempsey said he wants the full compensation by May 9. 'Otherwise I am dealing with it,' warned Judge Dempsey.

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