Sunday 16 June 2019

Woman paid collector to remove rubbish found dumped in a ditch

Nicola Donnelly

A mother and daughter, whose details were found in a large amount of rubbish dumped in a ditch in Balbriggan have been convicted and fined for litter pollution after they appeared before Balbriggan District Court.

Penny Martin and her daughter Sarah McKenna, a Third Level student, both of St Laurence's Drive in Drogheda, Co Louth accepted, that although they did not dump the rubbish, their details were found on letters in the black plastic bags.

They were both prosecuted under Section 3 of the Litter Pollution Act.

Mrs Martin said she paid a licenced bin collector to remove rubbish, including a washing machine and a fridge freezer, from her home in January.

She said she did not have a copy of the man's licence and claimed she paid him to take the rubbish away.

Judge Dempsey remarked: 'He is not an official bin collector' and asked the Fingal County Council Litter Warden is the Council aware of him.

'His name keeps coming up but then other times it's a different name but the same phone number,' said the litter warden.

When asked why doesn't she pay an annual bin charge by Judge Dermot Dempsey, Ms Martin replied: 'I do have monthly bins but it was a build up of rubbish from Christmas.'

The Litter Warden told Balbriggan District Court while on patrol she came across a 'large amount of rubbish in black bags' dumped in the ditch near Gardiner's Hill in the town on February 21st.

She handed Judge Dempsey photographic evidence of the litter and said it cost the Council €1,000 in clean up costs.

She said the Litter Department had to apply for extra funding for cameras in blackspots around the county.

Pleading guilty to the offence of litter pollution, Ms Martin said 'Obviously the evidence there has my name and address on it, but I didn't put it there.'

Her daughter also pleaded guilty but said: 'I am not going to blame my mam. She took it upon herself to make sure the rubbish was disposed of but I have to take responsibility for that letter that has my name on it.'

Judge Dempsey convicted and fined Ms Martin €300 and ordered her to pay €250 in costs while he convicted and fined Ms McKenna €75 and ordered her to pay €150 in clean up costs.

Fingal Independent