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Windows and doors to keep burglars at bay


Jim Toal from Fairco

Jim Toal from Fairco

Jim Toal from Fairco


A local windows and doors company is claiming it is offering Ireland's first guaranteed burglar-proof windows and doors and is prepared to back that claim up with an offer of €3,000 if a burglar even attempts to gain entry to your home through these special windows and doors.

Burglaries are on the rise in Fingal and all over Dublin and Jim Toal, of Fairco Windows and Doors who have a base on the Old Airport Road, has warned that householders are now dealing with a more sophisticated breed of burglar who is not put off by alarms or cameras.

Mr Toal, who has advised security authorities on burglary prevention over the past decade, believes that planned burglaries have replaced opportunism for criminals.

'The traditional opportunist burglar spends between 90 seconds and four minutes trying to gain entry into a home. If he doesn't he will move on,"'said Jim, Managing Director of Fairco Windows and Doors, who have recently launched Ireland's first 'guaranteed burglar-proof windows and doors'.

He added: 'However, the increase in burglary figures in Dublin matches the sophistication that we are seeing on the ground. Recently we have encountered a different type of burglar who monitors his victims' homes very carefully.

'The average alarm doesn't deter him and he has all the tools of the trade to break and enter into an average home, regardless of whether an alarm is fitted or not. However, we feel that our burglar-proof window range will not be penetrated by either category of intruder.'

Fairco are offering to give householders €3,000 if an intruder even attempts to gain access to their home through Ireland's first guaranteed burglar-proof windows and doors.

'A human being cannot generate enough force to break into these windows and doors, and any traditional methods used by burglars have been closed off thanks to a series of enhanced high-security measures,' said Jim, who advises Neighbourhood Watch schemes on anti-burglary measures.

The company offers an insurance-backed guarantee against intrusion to the windows and doors, which also carry an independently certified Police-backed PAS certificate for every component part.

'Because there is no give in the locks, hinges, hinge guards or the sash and frame the window won't open but more than likely it will be damaged in any attempted break-in, and will need to be replaced,' Mr Toal said.

He added: 'In that instance Fairco will pay your insurance deductible to the value to €1,000, give you €1,000 towards the cost of replacement and also pay you €1,000 for the inconvenience suffered.

'The Lifestyle lock has been tested to 6Kn - which in simple terms is the equivalent to 600 times the force required to tighten a wheel nut on a family car. Pas24, the industry's regulatory standard, says that, in order for a lock to receive certification it must withstand forces up to 3Kn. We didn't just meet the requirement, we beat it by double.'