Saturday 24 August 2019

War on dog litter can be won with 'brown zones'

Cllr Duncan Smith
Cllr Duncan Smith

Following a motion placed to the recent Swords Area Committee by Cllr Duncan Smith (Lab), Fingal County Council has agreed to assess the introduction of a pilot scheme to tackle dog litter.

The so called Brown Zone Scheme would see the Council, working with local residents groups to target problem areas with increased warden patrols, signage and information.

The proposal comes from Cllr Duncan Smith who has been raising this proposal since getting elected in 2014.

Cllr Smith said: 'Dog litter is one of those everyday issues which really annoy people and comes up time and time again. I firmly believe that even if we had a bin on every pole, some people just won't use them.'

The Labour councillor from Swords said: 'In my experience, more than anyone else, this annoys the vast majority of dog owners who are responsible and clean up after their pets more. In some UK local authorities they have implemented what is known as a Brown Zone Scheme in which residents ask the council to focus on a particular area such as an estate for a period of time. This usually lasts approximately three to four weeks in which the council will focus signage, information leaflets and wardens in order to tackle the problem.'

Cllr Smith concluded: 'Such schemes have had some success and I look forward to working with Fingal County Council over the rest of 2016 in piloting this scheme and developing it so it improves the Council's ability to keep areas clean and tidy from the very small minority of people who don't clean up after their pets.'

The council has agreed to 'examine the Brown Zone Policy as it relates to areas which have a problem with dog litter with a view to assessing the merit of it's introduction on a pilot basis over the course of the summer and autumn of 2016'.

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