Wednesday 19 June 2019

Update on measures to fight erosion

The council has given an update on measure it is taken to prevent further coastal erosion in Portrane that has already claimed one family home in the area.

Answering a question on the issue from Cllr Paul Mulville (SD), the council issued a report stating: 'The specialist consulting firm RPS have been engaged by Fingal County Council to prepare the Rogerstown Outer Estuary Coastal Flood Risk Management Plan.

'Initial survey work has been completed and a bri efing

on the analysis of this work will be provided through the Coa stal Liaison Group in June.

'It is likely however that the design and planning f or any

long term approach to this issue will take more than a year to complete due to the range and complexity of the issues involved.'

Temporary measures are now in place at The Burrow where the erosion is worst.

'Sea-Bees' were placed along the shoreline to break up waves crashing on the shore in the hope of lessening the effects of erosion on the coastline. Erosion at the Burrow has led to the destruction of a family home.

Fingal Independent