Sunday 17 December 2017

United call for national fund



THERE have been calls across party lines on Fingal County Council for a national fund to aid victims of pyrite but there is disagreement on who should finance that fund.

Councillors were agreed that their must be a national response to pyrite, not a local one, but disagreed on whether the fund should be financed privately by those responsible for the problem, like quarries, builders and insurers, or if the State should contribute. Cllr. Ken Farrell (Lab) said the problem was 'one of the saddest' he had encountered as a public representative and he believed that council's could have a role in contributing to a fund for the victims by arguing for the release of development levies which he said were ' locked away and we can't get at them for one reason or another'. Cllr. Matthew Waine (SP) felt it was time for the State to step in. He said that Minister Phil Hogan had given those responsible for the crisis time to come up with a plan and a fund to address the problem and they had come back with a ' big fat zero'. Cllr. Darragh Butler (FF) said the Government needed to go after who it could, including builders and insurers, to establish a fund for the victims. 'People have a right to have their property built to the highest standards,' he said. He called on councillors from Government parties to put pressure on their ministers to get the issue resolved. Cllr. Tom Kelleher (Lab) said there should be a national fund to address the issue and said it could be funded by a levy on the industries responsible.

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