Thursday 18 January 2018

Trucks and speed bumps make a noise in Portrane

Cllr Adrian Henchy.
Cllr Adrian Henchy.

A speed ramp allied with a massive increase in construction traffic entering the St Ita's Hospital campus in Portrane to build the new National Forensic Mental Health Hospital is leading to a noisy problem for neighbours of the campus.

Two local councillors have asked for the relocation of the ramp after residents close to it complained about constant noise from HGV traffic crossing the speed bump.

Cllr Adrian Henchy (FF) proposed a motion at a meeting of the Swords/Balbriggan Area Committee, calling on the council to 'examine the traffic calming ramp on the Portrane Road that is located beside the hospital back gates with a view to considering relocating this ramp to a non-residential part of the Portrane road as the residents living beside this ramp are reporting sleep deprivation from noise pollution off this ramp'.

He said that if relocation was not possible, the council should consider 'elevating the height of the ramp as its current height is not in any way slowing vehicles down and the residents report that speeding vehicles over the ramp are also a source of noise pollution'.

Cllr Paul Mulville (SD) backed the call for relocating the ramp and said it should be done as a 'matter of urgency'.

However, the council reported: 'This ramp was installed as part of a previous public consultation process and the location of the ramp was selected to comply with recommended guidelines.'

While the local authority showed reluctance to move the ramp at this time, it did commit to carry out 'an assessment of the ramp in question'.

Council officials said the long-term solution for residents is to take traffic off this route altogether and the construction of the new Donabate Distributor Road would help to achieve that.

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