Thursday 20 June 2019

Town will be 'transformed'

There are a number of eye-catching proposals in the 'Our Balbriggan' plan that are set to transform the town in the next few years.

Under the plan, a large event and market space is planned off Quay Street which will contain a linear park at the heart of Balbriggan, along the Bracken River. It will feature tiered seating for events and stall structures for weekly markets, with the historical stone structure of the Railway Viaduct and Balbriggan Harbour as a spectacular backdrop.

A vibrant market space is also planned for under the arches of the Railway Viaduct, with the addition of free-standing stall structures for weekly and seasonal markets. The RNLI Boathouse as a café space with additional seating, paving and lighting.

A revamped Railway Street vista will provide a fresh welcome to the town. Highlighting Balbriggan as a visitor destination, opening up the historical train station and bringing into use the station master's house with accompanying trees, planting, paving, artwork and signage.

An exciting new harbour experience will create a lively waterfront.

The Bracken River will be an integral part of the rejuvenation plan, flowing through the town and framing the new public places. This new landmark corner at the main street will provide the entry to a revamped Mill Pond public park, built around the river with new generous civic spaces, pedestrian and cycle ways.

Fingal Independent