Tuesday 17 September 2019

Time to have your say on the growth of Dublin Airport as plan unveiled

John Manning

The people of Fingal are being invited to have their say on the future growth of Dublin Airport.

A draft of the Dublin Airport Local Area Plan, setting out the airport's development in the coming years is to go out on public display over the next six weeks.

The council will host two information evenings for members of the public in order to set out the contents of the LAP and provide background information outlining the need for the LAP.

All interested parties are encouraged to attend these events which will be facilitated by the Council's Department of Planning and Strategic Infrastructure.

One will be held in County Hall, Swords on September 18 and the other will be in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dublin Airport on October 1. Both information evenings will run from 4.30pm to 8pm.

The Interim Chief Executive of Fingal County Council, AnnMarie Farrelly, said it is important that citizens with views in relation to the development of Dublin Airport took the opportunity over the next six weeks to familiarise themselves with the Local Area Plan.

Ms Farrelly said: 'Dublin Airport is a key driver for growth in Fingal. The Draft Dublin Airport Local Area Plan sets out the strategic vision and future direction for this key economic asset for a six year period from 2020 to 2026. The public consultation process is an opportunity for citizens to see what is being proposed and then make submissions in which they can state if they agree or disagree with what is being planned.'

The draft Plan is a requirement of the current Fingal Development Plan and consists of a written statement and maps setting out a land use strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of the airport, in addition to a Strategy for St. Margaret's Special Policy Area.

The LAP provides a detailed planning framework for Dublin Airport and its environs and has focused on Sustainable Growth & Development, Surface Transport Access, Sustainability & Environment, and Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.

It also considers future development of the Airport in the context of the local communities in the vicinity. Ultimately the plan will provide the policy context against which all future development proposals at the Airport will be assessed.

The need for the LAP arises as a result of the success of Dublin Airport over the past decade, according to the council.

Ongoing growth at the Airport is a national policy and is expected to continue into the longer term. Locally, the Airport is the single largest economic driver in Fingal generating significant employment and income.

Managing the growth of the Airport in a sustainable way is a priority for Fingal County Council, the local authority says and the draft LAP provides the framework to allow for ordered growth to take place while ensuring that growth will protect amenities enjoyed by existing communities.

The draft Local Area Plan prepared by Fingal County Council planners can be viewed at County Hall, Fingal libraries or at

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