Friday 15 December 2017

'The saddest problem I have ever come across'

Cllr. David McGuinness (FF): ' This is silent issue affecting quite a considerable number of families across the Fingal region.'

Cllr. Ken Farrell (Lab): ' This is the saddest problem I have ever come across – not only do we see people in negative equity home but we see people facing the economic conditions we face now and facing this pyrite problem without the support I believe they should be getting.'

Cllr. Ruth Coppinger (SP): ' There is no advantage to keeping it a secret.'

Cllr. Matthew Waine (SP): ' The response from official bodies to this problem has always been to kick it to touch.'

Cllr. Darragh Butler (FF): 'People's lives are being put on hold – I can't even imagine the strain this must put on relationships and on families.'

Cllr. Joan Maher (FG): ' The system of self-certification has been our downfall.'

Cllr. May McKeon (NP): 'I would equate the use of the word pyrite in the building industry with the reluctance there used to be to using the word 'cancer' – pyrite is the bad word now.'

Cllr. Anthony Lavin (FG): 'I can only sympathise with people who have found themselves in these properties. They have mortgaged themselves to the hilt in the Celtic Tiger era and now find themselves with this problem.'

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