Wednesday 19 June 2019

Swords speechmakers toasting their success at Norwich contest

Swords Streets

Wowing a British audience with their public speaking skills recently were three Toastmasters from the Swords who travelled to compete in a major competition which proved hugely successful for the travelling trio.

Eileen Hopkins, Seamus Hynes and Mick Rock all won at club, area and division level and we are told that it is almost unheard of for three people from one area to get to this level.

Just to highlight the achievement of Eileen, Seamus and Mick, it should be noted that the division that contestants were drawn from for the contest is currently made up of nearly 200 clubs and 4,400 members.

Two of the three public speakers from Swords reached the top 6 speakers of over 200 clubs in Ireland and the UK.members.

Eileen Hopkins is a member of Swords Toastmasters for just two years, a relative newcomer to Toastmasters.

In these two years, Eileen has won two club finals, two area finals, a division final.

In Norwich, Eileen reached the top six in the final as she delivered a fictitious speech on the subject of dating app, Tinder in the humorous speech contest in a speech entitled 'Love me Tinder, Love me do.'

Mick Rock is a member of East Coast Toastmasters for a number of years and he participated in the International Speech contest where his tongue and cheek story was about his 15 minutes of fame as a 10-year-old kid in a movie called 'The last Remake of Beau Geste' in a speech called: 'My fifteen Minutes of Fame.'

Seamus Hynes is a long-standing member of East Coast, Swords and Balbriggan Toastmasters and participated in the evaluation contest in Norwich. In Toastmasters, the evaluator plays a critical role in helping speakers to develop by identifying their strengths and areas to improve. Seamus has always delivered very encouraging feedback and has been a supportive mentor to many.

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