Friday 23 March 2018

Swords mum publishes her fourth erotic novel

Eileen Gormley and Caroline McColl who have just released their fourth erotic novel, ‘The Pleasures of Winter’, under the name Evie Hunter
Eileen Gormley and Caroline McColl who have just released their fourth erotic novel, ‘The Pleasures of Winter’, under the name Evie Hunter

Nicola Donnelly

A SWORDS mother who is one of Ireland's best-selling erotica writers has just launched her fourth novel.

Eileen Gormley and Caroline McCall, who write under the pen name of Evie Hunter, launched 'The Pleasures of Spring' recently at Hodges Figgis on Dawson Street in Dublin.

The 52-year-old, who worked as a freelance reporter, began writing novels after she took on a creative writing class in UCD, where it was suggested to her that she turn a short story about a space vampire into a novel.

Having done this, the novel reached the quarter-final of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

'Caroline McCall was also doing the class, and we became friends, swapping books and discovering we had the same taste in erotic literature,' Eileen told the Fingal Independent. 'We joked that we must write a story together, but did nothing about it until an American publisher, Ellora's Cave, had a submission call out for stories with a tattoo theme.'

'We thought we had a month to write it, but discovered we had only ten days, so we sat down and wrote like maniacs, e-mailing it back and forth and trying to out-filthy each other. We got the story finished in time, and to our surprise, it was accepted.

'Angels, Demons and Doms' received a lot of publicity when it was published.

'It seems we were the first Irish women to put our real names on kinky erotica. Then I got a phone call from Penguin, asking us to come in and chat to them,' Eileen said. 'They showed us 50 Shades of Grey and asked if we could write something that would kick them off the Christmas shelves.

'We left the Penguin office, went into the nearest pub, borrowed a pen from the waiter and plotted out The Pleasures of Winter on a napkin,' said Eileen.

'It was madness. We just wrote all the time. While I was writing, my family moved from Rivervalley to Baldoyle, and I didn't even notice. We made our deadline, and finished the book in five-and-a-half weeks.'

The pair had barely caught their breaths before Penguin came back and asked for two more books.

'I think they have visions of a three book trilogy about the same characters, but we had finished Jack and Abbie's story in Pleasures of Winter. Any more would be just a kinky version of Hart to Hart. So new characters, new plots, new bad guys,' explained Eileen.

The fourth book in the series, The Pleasures of Spring, was launched recently and went into the Irish paperback charts at Number 6.

In the meantime, Pleasures of Winter has been translated into French, Italian, Czech and Japanese and has sold at least 100,000 copies.

In relation to the pair writing together, Eileen said that Caroline writes the girl parts while Eileen writes the boy parts.

'But,' she said, 'since I'm not a boy, that meant even more research. I lined up all the Doms in Dublin and interviewed them one after the other, making them talk me through a scene, moment by moment, telling me what they felt and what they got out of it.'

'Now the Pleasures series is finished and somehow we have become Ireland's best-selling erotica writers and as soon as two years worth of housework is finished, we're going to be starting all over again,' she concluded.

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