Thursday 18 October 2018

Swords green spaces scarred by bonfires

The remains of a bonfire, including a microwave oven, in Swords.
The remains of a bonfire, including a microwave oven, in Swords.

At least two prominent green spaces in Swords are marked with the scars of Halloween bonfires following another night of destruction last week which one local councillor says 'has to stop'.

Cllr Darragh Butler has hit out at the organisers of illegal bonfires around Swords and the rest of the county, having visited the scars left by bonfires in River Valley Rise and on open space at the back of JC's Supermarket. Cllr Butler condemned the illegal bonfires 'that cause massive damage to our public open green spaces'.

He said that people who set the bonfires then ' expect the council to come along and clean up and repair afterwards'.

The Swords-based councillor said: 'It's particularly frustrating when you hear that parents who should know better have been involved. The Council had free re-cycling in the run up to Halloween, to attempt to get this material off the street and into our re-cycling centres, yet you still hear stories of people leaving out old household furniture, couches, tables, etc., basically looking for kids to take their rubbish away and burn it somewhere for them. It's simply not acceptable and it has to stop.'

The remnants of one of the Swords fires even had the charred remains of a microwave oven.

Suggesting an alternative to illegal bonfires, Cllr Butler said: 'We have an excellent free fire works display at Swords Town Park every year, enjoyed by thousands, much safer, enjoyable and crowd friendly than any bonfire could be, yet still some people think they have a right to bring household rubbish out onto our green open spaces and set fire to it.

'This is not tradition, it is an illegal destruction of our publicly owned green open spaces that we work so hard to maintain all year round and it has to stop.'

Fingal Independent