Wednesday 22 May 2019

Swords councillors push for pay and display parking in estate

Balbriggan/Swords area council meeting

Cllr Darragh Butler (FF)
Cllr Darragh Butler (FF)
Cllr Duncan Smith (Lab)

John Manning

Swords councillors are united in calling for pay and display parking for Carlton Court estate now that the Swords estate is in the charge of the council.

Cllr Darragh Butler proposed a motion stating: 'Now that roads have been taken into charge and following continued representations from Carlton Court residents, that the Chief Executive put forward proposals as soon as possible for extending the Swords pay and display scheme into the Carlton Court Estate; as this estate suffers more than more with non-resident parking due to it's close proximity to the Pavilions and commuter bus routes.'

In response, the council said it 'operates the Car Parking Pay and Display Scheme in accordance with the Fingal County Council's Parking Byelaws 2009 which are currently under review. The feasibility of extending the scheme to include Carlton Court will be included in this review'.

Council officials further urged local residents to submit a petition calling for the move to start the ball rolling.

Cllr Butler welcomed that recommendation and said a petition could be organised

He said the issue goes back as long as he is on the council, which is 11 years. He said the barrier to making it happen was always that the estate was not in the charge of the council but that has now changed and so it is time to introduce pay and display parking in the estate.

He said casual parking or customers and staff of the Pavilions and other commuter traffic had a 'devastating effect' on the estate and that local residents would be 'overwhelmingly' in favour of a pay and disaplay scheme for the estate which he said had 'basically become a car park for the Pavilions'.

Cllr Duncan Smith (Lab) agreed and said that all the Swords councillors had submitted motions and questions on the issue in the past and with the barrier gone to putting in pay and display scheme, it should be implemented with 'some urgency'.

Cllr Joe Newman (NP) also supported the motion but said the council had to be mindful of pushing the problem to somewhere else.

Cllr Philip Lynam (SF) welcomed the motion and said that not only were staff of the Pavilions parking in the estate all day but even people going on holiday and bound for Dublin Airport were abandonig their cars there for the duration of their holidays.

Fingal Independent