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Survey on park bye-laws


Cllr Ann Graves (SF)

Cllr Ann Graves (SF)

Cllr Ann Graves (SF)


The council has been quizzed on how it proposed to carry out a promised review of park bye-laws, including sureys on their operation among park users, particularly in relation to the most controversial of those bye-laws which has led to off-leash dog walking activity being restricted to certain areas or times in our public parks.

Cllr Ann Graves (SF) asked the council 'how the planned survey will be carried out, and will it be targeted at user groups?'

Cllr Graves also asked: 'When will it take plance and for which parks?'

The councill issued a written response to the Sinn Féin councillor's question.

The council reply stated: 'An independent specialist survey company has been engaged to undertake the review of the parks and open spaces bye-laws. Park users surveys will be carried out across the county by way of on the ground interviews over the coming weeks.

'To avoid bias in the results, no specific user groups will be targeted.

'Approximately 25 pars including regional, local and neighbourhood parks will be surveyed and it is expected that the results will be presented to the elected members, later this year.

The restrictions on off-leash dog walking activities in many of our public parks has led to protests in our parks and on our streets from angry dog owners since the controversial bye-laws were adopted.

Fingal Dog Owners Group (DOG) has orgainsed the effort against the bye-laws and remains determined to see them reversed.